Practical information


This year again it will be possible to sign up either for the entire seminar or for just one day. Also, there is the possibility of sleeping at the school or at a nearby hotel

Please note that we reserve the right to request a slightly higher price at the check in on the camp, so that the prices below are those available on the on-line registration site. WE have also for reference include the expected ‘on site’ prices in parenthesis.

We have to charge a small amount for sleeping at the school to cover the cleaning costs.

  • Full week: 1.200 DKK (on-site: 1.350 DKK)
  • One day: 300 DKK (on-site: 350 DKK)
  • Special offer for friday/saturday ticket – see the on-line registation system for details
  • Sleeping at the school: 20 DKK pr. person pr. night
  • Party on Friday: 150 DKK (buffet). You can bring your own beverages, but we will also provide beer, wine, and soda at very reasonable prices

Special prices are available for children and youth. Please see this post for further information.

Please note: We are now open for signing up via this link.

For technical reasons the system is partially in Danish – we apologise for the inconvenience. In case you need help or have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact us. Paying through the sign-up system can be cancelled at a later time. Only the credit-card fee will be non-refundable.

Update: We will pull the lists from the system the last Friday before the camp, so those of you who wish to sign up in advance, please do so before this date.

Also for planning purposes, the sooner you sign up, the better for us. It is possible to cancel the sign-up in case you are prevented. It will only cost you the card-fee. (approx. ½-1 euro).

Arrival by public transportation

It is possible to arrive by train or by bus. By train you will need us to pick you up, as the walking distance is a bit too long for the average person (3,7 km). By bus it is much more acceptable (300 meters).

If you arrive by train: go to Bred Station. More information:

You will likely have to change trains at either Odense or Middelfart station.

By bus you should travel to Odense and change to the bus 130 or 131 and get off at ‘Vissenbjerg kirke’ (Vissenbjerg Church). From there it is a few hundred meters walking distance to the school.

Please be aware that they only accept Danish cash in the busses. Price from Odense to Vissenbjerg one way is just under 45 DKK.

You can plan your trip by using this: It covers both trains and busses.

Sleeping arrangments

Sleeping will be possible in classrooms at the Vissenbjerg School. Very close to the training facility. There will be strict regulations as to how to place the mattresses due to fire regulations.

We will mark this with tape on the floor and with posters in each room. Please respect these regulations.

In case anybody want us to arrange for an air-mattress of similar, please let us know in advance.

2016-04-11 15.26.37

It will also be possible to sleep at a nearby hotel at a special price. More information will follow.


There will be access to the school kitchen for cooking and eating.

Please note that on Friday and Saturday there will be limited access to the kitchen as there is also a handball event staying at the school. Schemas for how we share the facility will be posted beforehand.


It is forbidden to smoke on the school grounds, including the outdoors areas, so it is necessary to leave the school property entirely to smoke.

Shopping for groceries

The local area has several shopping opportunities. Most of these are in walking distance and with reasonable opening hours:

  • Supermarket Kiwi: all days 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Supermarket Fakta: all days 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Supermarket Daglig’Brugsen: all days 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Kiosk: 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM on weekdays. Friday until 7 PM
  • Bakery (Guldbageren): 6 AM to 5 PM on weekdays.6 AM to 3.30 PM on weekends

Opening hours may be changed or vary due to easter. We will post if we become aware of any changes.


The area has two pizzerias and a small sausage stand. It is also possible to eat at reasonable prices at the Inn (Vissenbjerg Storkro)  and at the cafeteria in the local sports facility (opening hours may vary). All within walking distance from the school where we stay.

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