Grading at the seminar

There will of course be an opportunity for grading at this years seminar. It is possible to grade for:

  • Higher level Kyu grades Aikido (3rd kyu and above)
  • Dan grades Aikido (please refer to this site for details)
  • Dan grades Aiki toho (please refer to this site for details)

Foreign people who wish to grade should clear this with their sensei and have him/her contact Danish Aikikai in advance for permission to grade in Aikido. Or contact ENATO organization for permission to grad in Aiki Toho.

Also for planning purposes we would like to receive information in advance if you plan to grade at the seminar. Please contact us by e-mail to jjfriis ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com with information about:

  • Name
  • Dojo
  • Country
  • Type of grading you are plannin to go for
  • Current grade and date / year of last test



Special prices for children and youth

After an agreement with the board of Danish Aikikai it has been decided to offer special prices for youth and children.

The price will be:

Children (up to and including 11 years of age): 

  • Full week: 400 DKK (on-site: 425 DKK)
  • One day: 100 DKK (on-site: 125 DKK)
  • Party: 100 DKK

Youth (from age 12 to and including age 17):

  • Full week: 600 DKK (on-site: 650 DKK)
  • One day: 150 DKK (on-site: 175 DKK)
  • Party 150 DKK

Sleeping at school is same as adult:20,- DKK pr. night, regardless of age.


Hotel deal


The local hotel which is located right next to the school has provided us with the following offer:

Single room inkl. Danish Breakfast:      Dubble room inkl. Danish breakfast

1 night              kr.    500,00                                    kr.    600,00

2 nights           kr.    900,00                                    kr. 1.100,00

3 nights           kr. 1.200,00                                   kr. 1.500,00

4 nights           kr. 1.400,00                                   kr. 1.800,00

5 nights           kr. 1.500,00                                   kr. 2.000,00

Prices include cleaning before and after your stay, but there will be no cleaning or changing of towels during the stay. This can be added, at an extra price or new towels can be requested in the reception for a small extra fee.


Invite your partner to come and stay after the seminar during the weekend 14/4 – 16/4:

2 nights

2 people for Danish breakfast buffet

2 people for 2 course menu/buffet chosen by the chef

Free access to the Vissenbjerg terrarium or the Danish Bird ZOO for 2 persons.

Price pr. person in double room: kr. 750,00

Added cost for single room: kr. 200,00 per night

Please arrange by email to: – State the rebate code: ”NA-17”


Basic information

For the first time ever the annual easter Nishio Aikido seminar in Denmark will be held in Vissenbjerg. We will be staying at the Vissenbjerg School, where we will practice in their brand new facilities. Close to nature and with easy access to grocery shopping. It will be possible to sleep in the c

It will be possible to use the kitchen facilities at the school. However on friday evening we will have to share them with a local handball organization.

Sleeping quarters will be at the school. We are also negotiating a special deal for the seminar participants at the local ‘Vissenbjerg storkro’ hotel, so before booking please request booking reference from us.